VIPBE Working With The Community - Maverick Stars Trust

VIPBE Working With The Community - Maverick Stars Trust

At VIPBE we have been working together with Maverick Stars Trust to aid them with supplying them with boxing equipment in order to run their community initiatives which use boxing to help adults and young people to lead healthier lives and engage in boxing.
Maverick Stars are also helping local boxing clubs around the country with acquiring the correct funding using the appropriate funding channels.


 This is what Mavericks Stars Trust had to say:

"We first got involved with VIP through our relationship with Jamie Moore - a Maverick Stars ambassador. It was also at the VIP gym that we got to know Danny Wright who now works as a boxing coach on some of our initiatives.

Obviously the quality of VIP's boxing equipment is second to none, but it's also a massive help knowing people that work there and that everything we need will be sorted without any problems.

Maverick Stars is growing at a real pace and we feel we're starting to make a big difference to our communities. To keep doing this, we need partners like VIP - a company that properly understands our work and also has the right ethics.

The work that VIP boss Steve Wood has done for boxing over the years doesn't get the plaudits it deserves. Along with running his businesses, he has always provided regular work for hundreds of boxers, constantly promoting shows (pre-virus!), often losing money, but with a will to do the right thing for his fighters. We share similar values." - Charlotte Gilley

Mavericks Star Trust

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