Bellator Green Leather Velcro Boxing Training Gloves

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Professionally designed Boxing Gloves give you head start in the gym. Meticulous handcraftsmanship and battle-proven materials are a champion’s formula assembled together to bring you the safest training and best training gloves in the industry today. Affordable & long-lasting, these boxing gloves will push you to dominate the ring, time and time again. These boxing gloves fit comfortably, feel right and don’t force your hands into any position that is unnatural.

Boxing gloves are braced with 100% authentic COWHIDE leather for longevity. These gloves are unrivalled and genuine material perfectly assists in sparring, training or boxing.

The exclusive high-density PU coupled with compressed POWER SHOCK GEL sheet, top quality LENTUS foam padding for a barrage of impact and offer resilient hand protection.

These boxing bag gloves have TUTUM FOAM in the wrist segment along with foam padding; which delivers ultimate shock and impact resistant properties for hand safety.

Hook-and-Loop Velcro Closure offers maximum wrist support but also a purely comfortable punching experience all-together.

Water-resistant nylon thread stitching and Korean satin enhances performance and durability of the product for a longer period of time.

Quality and toughness are the main features of this sturdy yet very comfortable pair of leather training gloves, available in a classic black and green leather finish. These popular and durable boxing gloves will withstand even the most intense Bag or Pad work while keeping your wrist fully supported.