Puella Pink PU Velcro Boxing Training Gloves

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The best cheap boxing gloves are the best boxing gloves UK at this price, designed with the toughest PU LENTA HIDE leatherite, awesome shock resistance and a unique anti-thumbing feature to keep little hands safe.

Utterly indestructible and comfortable at the same time. Featuring a gel and foam padding to shield hands and wrists from brutal opponents, a high-tech lining that repels moisture for an odour free workout, and an easy to use hook & loop Velcro closure strap for quick on/off action at the gym. Not only is the wrist strap super kid friendly, but it’s adjustable to provide the perfect fit and optimum support for little bones. 

  • Tough leatherite for kids boxing mitts that last and last  
  • High density POWER Shock GEL for max shock absorption
  • TUTUM FOAM on outer wrist to cushion, protect and reduce shock
  • lining with moisture wicking to keep skin dry, healthy and odour free
  • hook & loop Velcro closure and easy slip-on design suitable for gym use
    Combining eye-catching colours with a unique design, the VIP PUELLA range of pink LENTA HIDE velcro boxing training gloves are a fantastic value for money product. They are tough, reliable and long-lasting. These distinctive pink velcro training gloves are the ideal partner for any boxing workout or gym session and are perfect for any types of boxercise.