New Professional Red White & Black Air Pads

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Professional Air Punch Mitts for Boxing Training

What trainers have been praying for. Make your training sessions more efficient minus the elbow and wrist strain. These professional boxing mitts are just what you need to train your athlete’s speed and power combinations without feeling a thing. A round center air pocket is shielded by a layer of high-quality, authentic full grain leather. The shock-absorbent center is further reinforced by shock-absorbent foam padding for a barrage of protection against repeated impact. Requires you to simply slip them on and get to training right away.

Full grain authentic cowhide leather protects innovative interior of these pro level focus mitts.

A unique air-pocket center with rounded design translates to super-cushioned shock-absorbency and ease of speed combos.

Interior is further reinforced using POWER SHOCK foam padding for shock-consolidation.

Open hand half finger design for ease of use.

Handstitched and crafted for career lasting performance with a high-quality zipper for air modulation.