Black Leather Boxing Paddle Pads

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The best paddle pads on the market today and all the rage in the trainer industry today; with full-grain cowhide leather. Reduce wrist, elbow and hand injury incurred through constant padding drills for a healthier and much more efficient way of training. Handstitched and crafted for speed and combo drilling. Layers of slabbed closed-cell TUTUM & LENTUS foam padding is compressed to form a thick slab of shock-absorbent padding that efficiently deals with charged molecules. Simply grab the handle and get your pro athlete training the new age way.

These punch paddles are part of the new professional range from VIP Boxing Equipment, this is perfect for developing a fighter's accuracy and hand/eye co-ordination. A superb value addition to any training regime and a great way to boost technique. Crafted in high quality black leather, these durable pads are built to last and will withstand even the toughest training session.

Sold in pairs.

Perfect for gym work and is designed to endure even the toughest training sessions.

Crafted in high quality durable leather.

Especially designed and shaped to provide maximum comfort and support during use.