Athena Black & White Leather Laced Sparring Gloves

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The Athena range of Black & White Leather laced sparring gloves bear the ancient Greek name for "wisdom" or "warning".

A high quality lace-up sparring glove designed to provide maximum strength, toughness and durability, whilst giving maximum protection and comfort to the wearer. The design of the glove is sleek and stylish and is finished with a contrast on white and black premium cowhide leather.

Superior quality sparring gloves, manufactured to the very highest standards to provide maximum strength, toughness and durability. These sparring gloves have a specially designed lining which is uniquely molded to support and comfort the hand and wrist. Laced fastening around the wrist also provides additional support and comfort. Finished in classic Black & White Leather, these hard-hitting sparring gloves are made to go the distance.