Heavy Duty Curved Boxing Pads

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These professional mitts are just what you need to build hand eye coordination and lightning fast combos. Engineered for trainer comfort and maximum athlete output. The sleek minimal design allows speed combos while the shock-absorbent slab of compressed TUTUM FOAM padding handles the punishment. Perforated hand compartment allows for breathability and heat escape while the inner compartment snugly hugs the hands.

Authentic top grain cowhide leather build will last you and your athlete a career

Thick compressed and layered TUTUM FOAM padding offers a barrage of shock-absorbency.

Perforated for heat escape and hand comfort during those intense drills.

Curved with an inner cowhide hand compartment for zero-slip grip while training combos.

Handstitched and sleekly crafted for speed drills that’ll increase your athletes quickness and hand-eye coordination.

Specifically designed with twice the padding to absorb the most powerful punches, reducing the strain on joints and elbows.

Perfect for gym work and is designed to endure even the toughest training sessions

especially designed and shaped to provide maximum comfort during use.


Available in one size only.