Premium Leather Floor To Ceiling Ball With Straps

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Test your focus and agility with double end balls. This double end ball is manufactured with durability, convenience, and efficiency in mind. Equipped with made of COWHIDE LEATHER, that is incredibly long-lasting and resilient. This ball bag provide boxing friendly top surface that can be hit confidently with gloves, hand wraps, or even bare handed with almost no risk of injuries. Perfect for putting it with tight elasticity and working your accuracy and speed rhythms.

  • Latest authentic cowhide leather precision ball is hand-stitched for unmatched durability
  • Non-tear rubber bladder promises career lasting toughness
  • Easily attached from floor to ceiling – comes with necessary fixtures
  • The bag is hand stitched so you do not have to be concerned about tearing or cracking

Includes two D-Shackles and fixings which are to be attached to the floor and ceiling.

High quality leather Floor & Ceiling Ball. Attached with rubber elasticated straps to help absorb shock on impact. The rounded ball shape helps to develop accuracy. This tough, high-quality punch bag is also ideal to enhance speed, timing and reaction.