Premium LENTA HIDE Angle Punch Bag

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A double layer of made of PU CANPAC LENTA HIDE; the most shock-absorbent and long-lasting punching bag your fist will ever punch. Dual-stitching and handcraft come together to offer you the sturdiest bag in the market that’ll put the heaviest MMA, Muay Thai, kickboxing or boxing athlete a tough time.

MADE OF PU LENTA HIDE built punching bag can withstand all the trauma you can throw at it, without a sign to show for it.

Special double stitching and handicraft combine for the longest life in a bag ever experienced.

Comes filled and is available in 40kg (4ft) sizes.

Heavy duty Zip top closure ensures maximum fill potential.

SERO LOCK mechanism at the base of the punching bag to ensure swing reduction.

This bag is designed for developing on hooks, uppercuts & working on different angles, this highly durable, hard-wearing punch bag encourages the boxer to use an array shots.

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