Premium PU Heavy Duty Wrecking Ball Boxing Punch Bag

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A double layer of LENTA HIDE PU CANPAC; the most shock-absorbent and long-lasting punching bag your fist will ever punch. Dual-stitching and handcraft come together to offer you the sturdiest bag in the market that’ll put the heaviest MMA, Muay Thai, kickboxing or boxing athlete a tough time.

  • THIS PU LENTA HIDE built punching bag can withstand all the trauma you can throw at it, without a sign to show for it
  • Special double stitching and handicraft combine for the longest life in a bag ever experienced
  • Comes filled and is available in 25-30kg
  • Heavy duty Zip top closure ensures maximum fill potential

The Wrecking ball heavy duty punching bag has been designed to be the bag to perfect a variety of looped shots such as hooks and uppercuts.

Comes including metal swivels chains.

Size: Standard Size: 60cm x 60cm.

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